Currently, we can meet your needs for:
- adjustable and non-adjustable axial-plunger pumps with flow rates from 2 to 200 l/min at pressures up to 35 MPa;
- hydraulic motors with shaft torques from 2 to 150 Nm;
- high-speed (up to 30'000 rpm) axial plunger pumps;
- electric drive pumping stations for direct and alternating current for pressure up to 28.0 MPa and flow rate from 2 to 80 l/min;
- autonomous electro-hydraulic drives with a force up to 100 kN for aviation;
- electromechanical drives of translational and rotary action;
- hydrostatic transmissions with a working volume of 90 cm3 to 280 cm3;
- fuel control equipment of gas turbine engines;
- dispensers and stopcocks for liquid and gaseous fuels;
- hydraulic distribution equipment;
- flow meters, bypass valves, switch-on valves;
- non-contact (valve) direct current electric motors with power from 5 W to 5 kW;
- electric motors of asynchronous alternating current with power from 0.37 kW to 15 kW.

The units are designed for operation in harsh climatic conditions
(at ambient temperatures from minus 60° to +180°) and exposure to significant mechanical loads.

Small dimensions and weight,
    high reliability and specific indicators,
        as well as ease of maintenance
            - that's what distinguishes our products.